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Motorized Linear Stage: ZP120-(50-300)

Key Features: Non-contact direct-drive system ensures ultraprecision motion with high dynamics and reliability. Extra-large, high-efficiency linear motor minimizes heat generation. Ironless moving coil has no cogging for ultra smooth velocity control. Ultra-quiet anti-creep crossed roller bearings assure ripple-free motion without cage migration. High precision glass scale encoder provides accurate position feedback with 50 nm repeatability. Sub-nm resolution with low interpolation error for outstanding speed stability and motion sensitivity. No moving cables inside the stage, reduced particle generation and improved reliability.
                  Model ZP120-50 ZP120-100 ZP120-150 ZP120-200 ZP120-300
Structure  Description Travel Range 50 mm 100 mm 150 mm 200 mm 300 mm
Stage Size 90×90mm 90×90mm 90×90mm 120×120mm 120×120mm
Bolt Size High Precise Ball Bolt (Travel Range 4 mm)
Travel Guide High Precise Linear Ball Bearing
Stepping Moto(1.8°) 42BYG
Main Material Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Black-Anodic Oxidation
Loading Capacity 15kg 15kg 10kg 7 kg 5kg
Net Weight 2.8kg 3.4kg 4.5kg 5.2kg 6.3kg
Accuracy  Description Resolution 20μ/PulseNon Micro step
1μ/Pulse20 Micro step Driver in use
Max Speed 40mm/sec
Positional Accuracy
Driving Parallelism 10µ 15µ 15µ 20µ 20µ
Pitching 25″ 50″ 50″ 60″ 60″
Deflection 20″ 25″ 25″ 30″ 30″
Lost Motion
Accessories  Description  Cut Powder Brake Function (Z)
Grating (G)
Servo Motor (S)
Dustproof Cover (F)



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